SLAM D Small Lightweight Acquisition Marker Designator

SLAM D is a tripod-mountable high-power designator that also has a high-power NIR pointer with pulse feature, see-spot observation device with laser spot tracking and PRF code counting, and a handheld laser acquisition marker. Users can now carry, and rapidly utilize a multi-role laser device for all close air support situations, regardless of range to target. SLAM D fills the role of multiple battlefield devices, providing enhanced situational awareness in a single device that is over 30% smaller and lighter than other “designator only” devices in use today.


  1. NIR Pointer (830nm)
  2. Marker (1064 NM) >35mj
  3. Designator (1063 NM) >50mj
  4. 2hz & 5hz Pulse mode for CFF
  5. Deciphers up to 3 PRF codes simultaneously
  6. SWIR See-Spot
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