CTAM Coded Target Acquisition Marker

CTAM is a rail-mounted, compact, lightweight, multi-function laser system. It combines several capabilities into a single device. Its capabilities include a 1064nm PRF (Pulse Rate Frequency) coded designator for acquisition and target handoff, aiming lasers for firing a primary weapon, a high powered NIR (Near Infrared) pointer function with pulse feature, and a NIR illumination laser with digitally adjustable beam divergence for IR flood light capability.

CTAM can be used handheld or mounted to the Picatinny rail on any primary weapon or handheld targeting device.

Its compact design allows for it to be easily stowed in any plate carrier pouch. It has an intuitive user interface that is easy to read and displays active system modes, PRF laser codes and menu features.



  1. Visible aim
  2. NIR aim
  3. High-powered NIR pointer with pulse feature
  4. NIR adjustable illuminator
  5. Marker (1064 nm)
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