ICUGR Integrated Compact Ultralight Gun-Mounted Rangefinder

ICUGR is a multi-function laser system that incorporates aiming, illumination and rangefinding into a single device. It mounts to any Picatinny rail and can be used with all types of military sniper, CQB or crew-served weapon systems and all types of bullet designs and calibers. The simple two-button design on the device or via remote allows for ease of use so that the operator's hands never have to leave the weapon.

ICUGR can be tethered to a KestrelĀ® with Applied Ballistics and will display accurate ballistic solutions that include climate conditions like wind, altitude, humidity, temperature and barometric pressure for long-range shooting.

ICUGR can also be used in conjunction with NVDs in night vision mode.


Four lasers (high power/low power variants):

  1. Visible (aiming, boresighting)
  2. IR aim
  3. IR flood light
  4. 1550 nm rangefinder
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