Daytime See-Spot 2x Extender for ECOSI Enhanced Clip-On SWIR Imager

The Daytime See-Spot 2x Extender system attaches to an existing ECOSI device. When combined, it becomes a handheld or rail-mounted daytime See-Spot device with PRF (Pulse Rate Frequency) code counting and zoom capability. It was developed to provide an extra capability to see and display a laser spot created by a target marker or designator during standard daylight and bright sunlight conditions. The 2x magnification system is useful for "sighting in" targets of interest from a distance.

The Daytime See-Spot 2x Extender system for ECOSI is compact and lightweight, adding a measure of confidence to improve speed at which hostile targets can be eliminated. It reduces the incidence of battlefield targeting errors, collateral damage and fratricide.

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