ARTIS 410 Airborne Reconnaissance Targeting Integrated System

ARTIS 410 is a next-generation multispectral stabilized sight system. It meets requirements for evolving missions and the most critical tasks while also maintaining a user-friendly and efficient workload.

It provides ultra-longrange observation and precision targeting capabilities with high-definition sensors and advanced functions in a single LRU (Line Replaceable Unit). It can function at standoff distance at any time, day or night, and quickly identify persons in danger or different kinds of threats due to its ability to operate in multiple spectral wavebands. Choose from up to three configurations to meet mission requirements for surveillance, marking or designating.


Four optional spectral wavebands:

  1. Color Day
  2. NIR (Near Infrared)
  3. SWIR (Short-Wave Infrared)
  4. MWIR (Mid-Wave Infrared)
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