In addition to designing and developing our own electro-optics products, Safran Optics 1 has a history of expertise in opto-mechanical design.

Optics 1 excels in the design of high precision and complex opto-mechanical assemblies employing photonic sensors for imaging, illumination, and collection. Barrels, mounts, and housings including manual and motorized adjustments and functions. No matter the industry, we provide a synergy between all disciplines and the customer to ensure appropriate performance requirements, practical build tolerances, and correct alignment architecture. Optics 1 will take your concepts or requirements and develop them into deliverable products. We perform precision assembly of hardware designed for users in both controlled and real-world environments.

Optics 1’s in-house production capabilities allow us to build from component level to large-scale systems as well as performing on-site critical alignment of optics, mechanics, and electro-mechanics. Verification begins with incoming quality control and continues through at acceptance testing.

Optics 1 has repeatedly demonstrated opto-mechanical successes across widely varied market sectors including: