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Optical System Design,
2nd Edition

by Robert E. Fischer, Biljana Tadic-Galeb, and Paul Yoder

Check out Robert E. Fischer’s 2nd edition of Optical System Design available on the Amazon ($99 Pre-Order) and the SPIE ($100 Non-member, $85 Members) websites starting early February. In addition to many of the chapters in the 1st edition, the 2nd edition features new and/or fully revised chapters on polarization, opto-mechanics, diffractive optics, stray light suppression, and systems analysis. And of course there are new “Bloopers and Blunders in Optics” for your education and enjoyment



Technical Papers
X-RAY OPTICS: Novel optics improve nuclear-weapon safety
   Gail Overton
   Published in Laser Focus World

> Effective use of off-the-shelf optics has many facets
   Robert E. Fischer, Michael E. Couture, and William G. McGuigan
   Published in Laser Focus World

> 'Big' lens systems image electrons, neutrons, and x-rays
    by William McGuigan & Robert E. Fischer

The following Technical Papers are in PDF format.
(Requires Acrobat Reader, to download click here)

> Removing the Mystique of Glass Selection
    by Robert E. Fischer & Alastair J. Grant