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OPTICS 1 works with every customer as a partner from the initial concept phase through detailed design tradeoffs and optimization, to prototype manufacturing, and ultimately production, delivery and after sales support.

We take pride in developing solutions that meet or exceed customer expectations.



Optics is essentially the physics of light. The behavior and properties of light that compose the study of optics oftentimes can be counter-intuitive and not easily grasped. This optics section of our website is written to help visitors form a better understanding of the exciting field of optics.

When most people think of optics, they think of what we know as geometric optics such as a mirror or a lens that either reflects or refracts light in a certain way. Simple examples would be a pair of glasses or the mirror in your bathroom. We have historical records of people using these types of optics as far back as ancient Egypt. However, optics covers much broader areas these days such as lasers, holograms, interferometry, spectroscopy and many other fields. Please browse through our pages below to discover more about the exciting field of optics.