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Optical Consulting

OPTICS 1 works with every customer as a partner from the initial concept phase through detailed design tradeoffs and optimization, to prototype manufacturing, and ultimately production, delivery and after sales support.

We take pride in developing solutions that meet or exceed customer expectations.


The increased demands being placed on optical designs are a driving force for innovation in both commercial and military markets.   As a result, electro-optical products today include combinations of complex lens systems, advanced electronics and software solutions.

This presents tremendous challenges for optical system design teams tasked with developing and delivering these products to market.  Design team productivity, product reliability, and schedule predictability are the three variables all companies want to optimize. Today's optics and systems design teams can no longer rely on generic technology or tools to overcome design productivity and predictability hurdles.

As engineers create increasingly complex system designs, they face a series of hurdles. Decisions at each design stage affect the stages before and after it. This means choices made early in the design process often have lasting impacts on performance, size, quality, and performance. Properly handling the interdependent nature of these designs helps to ensure that you make your market window and, ultimately, your revenue and profit goals. OPTICS 1 Consulting Services brings a comprehensive approach to the development process—one that balances these interdependent factors to help speed your product to market.

OPTICS 1 takes a unique holistic approach in our optical consulting—from specification to verification, implementation, and manufacturing.  A set of solutions from OPTICS 1 simplifies the adoption and deployment of advanced design solutions within our geographically dispersed design teams. 

Solutions from OPTCS 1 are tailored to address specific design needs based on the complexity of the task being performed and the expertise and specialty of the design team performing that task. We combine applicable design technologies with proven methodologies to bring unique solutions to meet our customers' requirements.

Working with the OPTICS 1 consulting team allows you to augment your own resources with a range of capabilities offered by OPTICS 1, the core of which is industry standard optical design software platforms combined with proven and reliable design flows/methodologies. These capabilities embody experience gained from serving the needs of hundreds of the world’s leading companies. Working closely with customers across many diverse applications gives us the ability to offer unique insights into how systems and products can be improved to meet the challenges of your latest designs.

A large percentage of our business is from repeat customers.  These customers have come to rely on OPTICS 1 as a partner in their development process, providing complementary optical capabilities that allow them to focus on their core resources where they add the most value. We recognize that each organization‘s needs are different and have assembled a broad array of technology and engineering expertise to support those customer differences and needs.

Our unique optical consulting and system integration model gives you an open pipeline to the right resources at every stage of the process. It is a highly flexible consulting model that enables you to access a broad range of OPTICS 1 resources and optics expertise. It also allows you to leverage our relationships with leading lens fabrication partners. In this way, we become an integral part of your team, sharing design and application expertise whenever and wherever needed to help optimize your specific design, budget, and manufacturing schedule.

We are uniquely qualified to help you get your most challenging designs implemented and your system integrated and built – designs that will meet your spec – on schedule.  We are experts with ZEMAX, OSLO, and TracePro as well as with SolidWorks, OrCAD, MATLAB, to name only a few of the vast array of tools we have at our disposal during design, development and analysis.    


Let OPTICS 1 help you unleash the quality and breadth of the industry's leading optics technology team on your next design project.