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Lens Design

OPTICS 1 works with every customer as a partner from the initial concept phase through detailed design tradeoffs and optimization, to prototype manufacturing, and ultimately production, delivery and after sales support.

We take pride in developing solutions that meet or exceed customer expectations.

    The beginning of good lens design starts with an experienced designer and a broad knowledge of previous designs. Such a designer usually has a broad knowledge of existing designs that would allow them to rapidly decide on the starting point for a design that would satisfy the requirements. Beginning with a previous design that solves the optical problem is a good starting point. These designs can come from technical literature, existing optical products, or optical design software.

Once an initial starting point for the design is determined, most of the rest of the work is tweaking the design to optimize it for the specific application. Most of this work is done through specialized raytracing and optical software. The design is placed in a raytracing program and optimized by allowing different elements of the design to vary while measuring the performance of the changes. This is a highly iterative process and although computers do most of the grunt work, it takes a skilled hand to make sure the program has the proper constraints to guide the design in the desired direction.