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About the Company

OPTICS 1 works with every customer as a partner from the initial concept phase through detailed design tradeoffs and optimization, to prototype manufacturing, and ultimately production, delivery and after sales support.

We take pride in developing solutions that meet or exceed customer expectations.


OPTICS 1, Inc.

Optical, opto-mechanical, electro-optical, systems design, manufacturing, and system integration of precision optical products.

Corporate Overview

OPTICS 1 is a leading independent optics and optical system design and manufacturing company. OPTICS 1 provides product development and assembly resources to our customers; government agencies; as well as commercial enterprises.

Our Unique Strengths

OPTICS 1, Inc., was founded in 1987 by Robert E. (Bob) Fischer to focus on precision optical and opto-mechanical design, engineering, and production. Our business has steadily grown since 1987, increasing our experience and broadening our capabilities.

From humble beginnings in optical design to today’s presence as a design and assembly operation covering a broad range of optical systems and sub-systems, we have grown with our diverse customer base into a provider of complete systems for today’s markets.

OPTICS 1’s technical staff is well versed in optical design, the foundation for our customers’ products. Our cumulative optics background covers expertise in imaging and illumination design, fabrication with respect for real-world tolerances, design for manufacture, assembly, and test.

We design products operating from X-ray, through ultraviolet and visible, to the far infrared portions of the electro-magnetic spectrum. By combining our optics expertise with our electronics, mechanical design, software development, and system integration skills, the OPTICS 1 team has the background and experience to fulfill your requirements for precision optical product design and manufacturing.

Collaborative Teams in Key Locations:
OPTICS 1 operates two geographically separate yet collaborative divisions to serve customers.

While each location has a specific strategic market focus, there are numerous collaborative efforts where we assign the appropriate technical talent to best serve our diverse customer base; regardless of location or market application.

Our Defense Systems Division (DSD), located in Manchester, New Hampshire, serves the defense, military and homeland security markets. The customers include the various governmental agencies including the Department of Defense, as well as other defense contractors in providing integrated subassemblies and electro-optical systems.

Business Model:
Our success derives from a passion we share for what we are doing – the work, the technology, and the thriving company we collectively sustain. This passion drives us to excel, to improve, to win, and never give up. OPTICS 1 understands, anticipates, and surpasses the expectations of our customers. We learn from our experiences and embrace change in our dedication to continuous improvement in our processes, products, and services. We work with each customer as a partner, from the initial concept phase through detailed design; including tradeoffs and optimization, to prototype manufacturing, and ultimately production, delivery and after-sales support. We place high importance on the satisfaction of our customers. We work hard to earn and maintain long term relationships. The long term partnership is how we distinguish OPTICS 1. It is how we assure excellence. It is how we are rewarded. And, we believe it is the only way to win.